0121 675 8258Community.centre@oasishobmoor.orgOasis Hub Hobmoor, Hobmoor Community Centre, 250 Wash Lane, Birmingham B25 8FD


The Community Centre has continued to grow, driven by the needs within the neighbourhood. It now opens seven days a week. It has become a safe and trusted place for all, serving a diverse community with users coming from over 15 different ethnic groups. The Community Centre sees a footfall of 1,400 people a week providing empowerment activities, education and training for adults and youth activities including in the school holidays (600 young people and children used the community centre each week).

The Community Centre also offers Support and Advocacy. The staff team are available to provide support to local residents through 1:1 sessions and referrals to relevant local support services. The areas the team offer support in include: a weekly job club that supports digital inclusion, benefits support and enabling people to access their Universal Credit account,  housing, immigration, emotional support, parenting, child behaviour issues, support with children’s educational issues, developing connections and friendships in the community.

The Community Centre is financially sustainable through a combination of lettings income, contracts for delivery of Adult Education, social enterprise and inding from successful grant vidual gifts and donations. More recently during lockdown, we received a significant uplift in fundiapplications.