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Welcome! At Oasis Hub Hobmoor, we are actively engaged in creating a community that is characterised by trust, safety, cohesion, mutual support, vibrancy, health and opportunity, where individuals feel included, connected and supported and in which they feel happy and proud to live.

Our aim is to help to create a local community where people of all ages and situations feel included, know that they can contribute and realise a deep sense of belonging. 

Oasis Community Hub Hobmoor is particularly focused in the South Yardley area of Birmingham, and at the meeting point of three Wards: Tyseley and Hay Mills, South Yardley and Yardley West and Stechford, although it also works beyond those wards in a number of ways. The work of the Hub incorporates the formal education delivered by Oasis Academy Hobmoor and Hobmoor Community Centre, as well as a large number of community projects that are run alongside them to support students, their families and the wider community. The Hub has made a transformational change to the life of the local community in a number of ways. In 2018/19 the Hub worked with a total of 2,718 local people and had a total of 62 individual volunteers.

The Hobmoor model is a stunning example of hub development following LIF funding. It has become a thriving community centre partnered with a range of community interest companies, groups and local service providers such as the adjoining school academy…There is also a strong transformative ethos to the hub’s approach, with groups using the centre needing to demonstrate they can impact upon community development” 

Final Evaluation of Birmingham City Council's Local Innovation Fund Final Report
May 2019


To work with and alongside disadvantaged children, young people, whole families and members of the wider community, empowering local people to transform their neighbourhoods into places that are healthy, safe, supportive and full of opportunity.

The Community Centre continues to grow driven by the needs within the neighbourhood. It now opens seven days a week. It has become a safe and trusted place for all serving a diverse community with users coming from over 15 different ethnic groups. The Community Centre sees a footfall of 1,200 people a week providing empowerment activities, education and training for adults and youth activities including in the school holidays. (600 young people and children use the community centre each week).

The Community Centre also offers Support and Advocacy. The staff team are available to provide support to local residents through 1:1 sessions and referrals to relevant local support services. The areas the team offer support in include: a weekly job club that supports digital inclusion, benefits support including enabling people to access their Universal Credit account, housing, immigration, emotional support, parenting, child behaviour issues, support with children’s educational issues, developing connections and friendships in the community.








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Andy Brown
Hub Leader
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Nargis Rehman
Community Development Worker
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Leeann Bryan
Project Co-ordinator
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Andy Vail


At Oasis, we are united by two core beliefs: that every human being is of equal worth and that each of us can only flourish when we are part of a thriving community. We have a radical and genuinely distinctive vision of community, seeking to reconnect people to each other and to the services they need. Motivated by the life, message and example of Jesus, we are committed to Inclusion, equality, healthy relationships, hope and perseverance and this permeates all aspects of the life and culture of our Hubs.

You can find a link to the latest Oasis Community Partnerships impact report here.