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We are happy to partner which a wide range of our community organisations and service providers in the community – please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us. We have no membership scheme.



in different ways

Across the UK, Oasis volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities serving our local communities. They are essential to our work and are vital members of the Oasis team. The volunteers we have working with us at Oasis Hub Hobmoor have made a massive impact on families and students in many areas, but we are always looking for more help! At Oasis Hub Hobmoor we have developed a volunteer pathway that allows you to see what we hope that you can gain from volunteering, how we will support you and how you are able to contribute.

Next year we will up-skill our newly recruited volunteers and further develop our Youth volunteer programme.

Next year we will include housing as an element of the Hub through the Community Sponsorship Programme.